The Top 5 Reasons to Go Boating in California

The Top 5 Reasons to Go Boating in California

California is beautiful and can you imagine getting out on a boat on the ocean in that area? There are tons of reasons that you should consider going boating in California but we came up with the top 5 to convince you that you want to go.

Take a look at these!

1.Salty, Ocean Air

Probably one of the top reasons to go boating in California is to simply enjoy the salty, ocean air. You don’t even have to be boating on the ocean to enjoy that fresh, salty nature in the area. That fresh air with a hint of saltiness is incredibly soothing for your mind and your body.

In fact, there are even books and studies out there that discuss the benefits of coastal living and recreation for both mental health and physical health. It’s a point of happiness, which is perhaps why it’s our #1 reason to share with you here.

2.Family Time

What better way to enjoy time with your family or even your friends than getting out on the boat? You are in close quarters and you’re having an enjoyable moment as a unit. Between the sunshine and the salty air, it makes for some grand quality time that will definitely be hard to beat with any other activity.

This is the perfect time to simply enjoy each other’s company. You can indulge in other activities on the boat as well. The plus side is everyone gets to unplug. Sneak away from phones, computers, TVs, and responsibilities and simply take the time to breathe and soak it all in.


People often think that boating is an expensive hobby. It certainly can be expensive but there are also affordable ways to enjoy it. If you don’t own a boat, you can rent a boat and spend the day out in it. When you rent a boat, you’re not responsible for maintenance and upkeep, you’re just responsible for enjoying your time on the boat!

If you compare the prices and the time you get to spend out on the boat, there is quite a bit of pay off and you will quickly find that it’s an affordable activity to enjoy.

4.Time to Relax

Boating in California is relaxing. The sun is shining and you’re out in the fresh air, with salt in the air as well. We already mentioned the benefit of salty air but the benefits of just having the ability to enjoy the sunshine and relax simply pile on top of that.

It’s the perfect time to just lounge, unwind, and feel the freedom of being out on the water.

5.Boating is Versatile

Finally, you can’t get bored boating in California, or anywhere for that matter. There are so many activities that you can do that combine with boating. Whether you want to hop off the boats and enjoy water skiing or tubing, take some time fishing, or just soak up the sun, there are multitudes of options.

Boating is a broad category as well. There are several different types of boating options that you could partake in. It’s never a dull moment.