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Boat Test Florida – Get Your License

Boat Test Florida services have never been easier in the new year of 2015. Through our official Boat Test Florida Software, you can get a fully accredited boating license all online! We are approved by the State of Florida, as well as the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators so you can be confident your test as well as your license is 100% legitimate. 

Why choose

Going into write your Boating Test in Florida can be a hassle for people who are in the suburbs and cannot drive out to their nearest location but still want to get their test done. With, we make it easy by having you complete your test all online, and then right after sending you your temporary license until your permanent one comes in the mail!

Not only is our online software easy to use and get your temporary license simple, but we also take very seriously all the important and necessary topics included with receiving your boating license such as: Boating Rules and Regulations, Safe Operation of Your Boat, How to Properly Equip Your Boat, 

Identifying and understanding navigational signs and symbols, Emergency response, and much more!

How important is Boater safety really?

Boater safety is EXTREMELY important, and there are many individuals who are very experienced yet still make fundamental mistakes. Just in the past year, there have been 63.4% of ‘very experienced’ boaters that were not trained in accidents alone.

In addition with not paying attention, or driving your boat carelessly, you are not only putting yourself at risk but also passengers in the boat. With over 900,000 registered boats in the State of Florida, there had been over 750 boating accidents just in 2013. Simple practices such as wearing a life-jacket, or paying attention to the direction of the boat happen all the time due to malpractice, carelessness, as well as poor training or boating etiquette.

We here at want you and your friends/family to enjoy a safe and fun boating experience with your permanent license, so start today using our approved boating test and drive your boat safely!