Boating Exam Florida

Boating Exam Florida

Study as many times as you need and Pass the Florida Boating Exam

You can study the free online course material at boat tests101. After completing the course online at your own leisure, you’ll then take the Florida Certification Exam. You take the exam as many times as you need to pass.

Pay once you pass!

After passing the boating you only pay a small $29.50 course fee. After which you will be given the option to print out a temporary ID card to show that you passed.

Receive Your Boater ID card

You will receive a Florida Boating Safety Education I.D. Card after you pass your boating exam. It will come in the mail, until then you can use the certificate of completion that you will receive at Boattests101.

Learning Boating safety

To help you improve your boating skills and to prepare you for the Certification Exam, the boattests101 website has many practice tests covering all boating exam questions.

Study Tests over and over:

The practice study tests cover all the boater safety topics that will be on the boating exam.

If you don’t pass the boating exam the first time, you’ll just go back and study the practice test again until you’re ready to pass the final boating exam.

Take the Final Boating Certification Exam:

After completing all boating exam practice tests, you’ll have the option to proceed directly to the boating certification exam.

Both the practice exam and the final boating certification exam cover all the course material and will assess your knowledge of boating safely on Florida waters.