Florida Boating Temporary Certificate

Boaters wishing to rent a boat or a PWC in Florida that were born in or after 1988, and who do not possess a Boaters Safety Card (also generally referred to as a Lifetime Boating License), are required to take the Boaters Test to obtain a Florida Temporary Boating Certificate. Your Temporary Certificate is valid for 90 days after completing the Boaters Test.


Use the study guide or go straight to the Boaters Test. Unlimited re-tries.

Approved by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Steps to get your Florida Boating Temporary Certificate


Pass test

  • Pass the Florida Temporary Certificate Test and/or take Study Guide
  • Test consists of 25 multiple choice questions
  • Unlimited re-tries

Show Certificate

  • Show the boat rental operator your Temporary Certificate
  • You will automatically receive the Temporary Certificate by email or take a screenshot
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Go Boating!

  • Have fun and stay safe on the water!

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  • Avoid Shallow Areas
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