About Florida

The sunshine state is by far one of the most beautiful states to enjoy the sunshine, beaches, and lakes. If you are into watersports, then you will find that Florida is a paradise. With over 1,200 miles of coastlines, over 30,000 lakes, and an average temperature of 79° F, it will, sooner than later, tempt you to get on a boat and head to the water.

While we always want to have the best of times while recreating, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking a boat out in the water. First, safety is a number one priority and should be given the importance it deserves. Secondly, basic navigation rules can help you have a more enjoyable trip without endangering property or human lives. Statistical reports show that 70% of boating accidents can be prevented by following good boating practices while operating a boat. These and other topics are covered in our NSBLA approved boating course.


Do you need a boating license in Florida?

Florida legislation requires that all recreational boat operators, born on or after January 1st of 1988, have a Boater Safety Education ID Card, commonly known as a "Florida boating license." Taking a boating safety course should not be a matter of being compliant with the state’s requirements, but it should a demonstration of responsibility and good interest to other boat users.


Are you planning to rent a boat in Florida?

If you are renting a boat, you are required to get a temporary boating certificate. Get your temporary boating certificate here!

Frequently Asked Questions


If you were born on or after January 1, 1988 and you plan to drive a motorboat with greater than 10 horsepower, you must take an approved boating safety course.

You will also then need to get a safety identification card from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

If you will be renting a boat, you are required to get a temporary boating certificate. Get your temporary boating certificate here!


Florida does not have a boating license but must pass boating safety course and be certifified.

Course Accreditation

Yes, our Florida boater education course is approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Price & Billing

The Florida boater education course costs $29.99

Replacement Documents

You can re-print your temporary card after logging into your account, assuming you passed the course and exam


Select a course and click the "Sign Up!" button


Yes, you can access the course on a mobile phone

Moving to Florida

Once you have successfully completed your official boating safety course then you can use your card in Florida.


If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us directly at [email protected] or by phone @ 1.888.885.8830