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Complete this accredited course to get your California Boater Card that is good for life! To operate a motorized vessel in California, you will be required to have a California boating card, which is being phased from 2018-2025 based on year of birth.

Approved by California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways

There is no minimum age to take the course and you do not need to be a resident of the state. Pass the course and be certified for life!

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State-accredited online course for all ages


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To obtain your California Boater Card, you will need to apply at You will be asked to provide your Certificate of Completion, as proof that you took an educational course

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Frequently Asked Questions


In California, boating law requires boaters to obtain and carry a California Boater Card (CBC) while operating a recreational motorized vessel within California waterways. This card is often called the ‘California boating license’. The CBC requirement is being phased in over 8 years as follows: January 1, 2018: Persons 20 years of age or younger January 1, 2019: Persons 25 years of age or younger January 1, 2020: Persons 35 years of age or younger January 1, 2021: Persons 40 years of age or younger January 1, 2022: Persons 45 years of age or younger January 1, 2023: Persons 50 years of age or younger January 1, 2024: Persons 60 years of age or younger January 1, 2025: All persons regardless of age


While it is often called a "boating license" in California, it is called the California boater card

Course Accreditation

Yes, our California boater education course is approved by the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways

Price & Billing

The California boater education course costs $29.99

Replacement Documents

You can re-print your temporary card after logging into your account, assuming you passed the course and exam


Select a course and click the "Sign Up!" button


Yes, you can access the course on a mobile phone

Moving to California

California does not accept reciprocity from other areas. If you are a California resident and have a boater card from outside of California, you will need to complete the California boating safety course, pass the corresponding exam, and then apply for your California Boater Card to operate on California waters via


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